You Can Be Rid of Loose Fitting Dentures by Replacing Teeth With Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsDental implants are the most secure way to replace missing teeth and therefore, an excellent alternative to dentures. We speak with many patients who have lost teeth and are tired of wearing dentures, due to concern over them coming loose or falling out when eating or speaking. This can mostly be corrected with a pair of dentures that fits correctly. However, no matter how good the fit, dentures will always bring some concerns since they are removable. Anything designed to come out of your mouth will not have the same level of stability a permanent solution will – it is that simple. Unfortunately, these fears often lead people to change their life and even avoid dining in public. This can put a serious cramp on daily activities and even friendships, when in reality, you do not need to live with these concerns. If you feel that dentures have negatively impacted your life, we encourage you to call our office right away and start the process toward getting a better solution.

Why dental implants are better than dentures:

This is the only solution for tooth loss that is surgically placed. Other solutions only address the problem from outside your gums, while implants replace both your lost tooth and root system. For example, dentures are either a single piece that surrounds your gums or a partial set secured to your other teeth with a system of wires and clasps. A dental bridge, on the other hand, is secured in place by using your remaining natural teeth and dental crowns. This means your other teeth need to be strong and healthy enough to support the bridge. Both of these solutions are effective ways to restore your appearance and the functionality of your smile, but none of them addresses your root system – except for the dental implant.

In this procedure, we implant a titanium post under your gums and secure it to your jawbone. The body treats titanium like natural matter, which means the two elements (bone and titanium) will fuse together through the process of osseointegration. This can take a few months, but once it is done, you will have a synthetic root system that provides necessary stimulation to the jawbone and the jawbone will provide the same level of stability to your new tooth in return. This makes it possible for you to eat all your favorite foods, run and jump around, and even sing loudly without worrying about your new teeth falling out.

It is also easier to care for implants than it is to care for dentures. This is because an implanted tooth behaves like a natural one would and requires the same level of care. All you need to do is continue brushing your teeth throughout the day, flossing, and receiving ongoing dental care. There are no special steps you must take and no strange pastes to use, as there often are with dentures.

We encourage you to call our office and schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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