Visit a Painless Dentist After an Accident

Painless DentistAs a painless dentist office, we specialize in preventative care.  We recommend that patients visit us twice a year for a teeth cleaning and dental examination so that we can prevent common problems like cavities and gum disease.  This makes it possible to remain in good oral health and to avoid common issues like a toothache.  It cannot, however, prevent an accident from taking place.  Through no fault of their own, many of our patients damage their teeth in an accident.  If you think that this could never happen to you, consider that there are around 5.4 million car wrecks every year, 9 million people visit the emergency room due to slip and fall accidents annually, and over 5 million youth are injured while playing sports.  These are only some of the types of the things that can happen, demonstrating that it is highly likely for you to suffer from at least one accident in your lifetime.  The important thing is to know who to call for help if your teeth are damaged in the process. 

If you have sustained injuries to your physical body, you should visit the ER or your doctor to have them treated.  If, however, your primary injury was to your teeth or your jaw, you should visit a dentist immediately.  The physicians that staff the emergency room are highly trained and qualified, in treating your physical body.  They are not, however, trained in how to diagnose or treat your teeth.  If you have a tooth that was cracked, chipped, or knocked out, they could do little more than to provide you with gauze and medication.  This makes it important to call our office instead.  We can provide you with complete dental care, and do so quickly.

As a painless dentist, we understand that many people have anxiety regarding receiving dental care.  An accident can exasperate this, making the fear and anxiety far worse.  We want you to know that as a painless dentist, we can treat your teeth, perform restorations, and bring you back to good oral health while helping you to relax and feel comfortable.  Our objective is to restore your health in a way that is so pleasant you will not have any anxiety or concerns.  We have spent years honing our skills to be able to do so.  In our dental office, we understand that you have several options regarding who to see for treatment but we encourage you to call us for the best possible experience and outcome.

If you have damaged a tooth in an accident, we can restore it during your appointment.  Some of the ways that we can do so is with a dental bonding procedure, a dental veneer, or a dental crown.  If your tooth was actually knocked out, we could try to save it, and if that is impossible, we can restore it.  This is done using a dental bridge or dental implants.  Regardless of which options you select, you can be confident that your experience will be positive when visiting a painless dentist.

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